Merry Christmas!

So we're heading to Seattle for Christmas (book your session NOW, limited availability!) and thus not able to have official Christmas fun here. So Dustin surprised me today with a package that came... he really was listening to me after all!! For Christmas he bought me a new sleek keyboard. Mine is the old version and just doesn't type at all. I am now in heaven touching the gentle keys, and sleek design. I'm typing things to just type, it's so fun. 

Maybe my blogs will be more wordy from now on, who knows...
In the meantime, check out this beauty. I LOVE it. i love it. Thanks honey!!!

images off apple.com


Maman Pélissié said...

Wow- lucky you!
Glad you love it!

HollySteffen said...


-i have this website to random blog giveaways and i just apply to like all of them. this is the first one that i've won! haha. they say they pick the winner by random.org (os it is .com?)