Family Session: Casey & Julie Dick (favs)

First of all, let me tell you about the coolness of this photo shoot. Not only did baby E order terrific weather for the day, but we had these two friends along! They were hilarious. They were well behaved, and even looked in my general direction each time i called their names for the main family picture (see here). We did have a few other helpers also to watch over the dogs while we focused on Casey and Julie & baby E. Thanks for helping out, friends!!

So they liked playing tug-of-war... as well as running after each other!
OU campus is beautiful. Such stoic buildings, lots of fun. Great choice, Casey!

We even got some awake time from baby!

Aren't they just so in love?? I think that is awesome. 
You guys are super fun to hang with (our viewing/ordering session went until 10pm!) and i look forward to more fun with you in the future. You have great personalities, and easy to get along with. 

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Brooke Snow said...

I love these! They are so fun! way to go guys!