Storyboards: you being you.

Some of you saw this senior's session; check out the images she chose for her storyboards--one of them she earned for free just through her print purchase!

The unity is key for the success of these designs-- images that are similar that can work together for a fluid whole. And she provided the extra uniqueness-- a quote that meant a lot to her, and an actual piece of cello music she loved. Storyboards for seniors especially can be an expression of personality.

Click to enlarge.

Two very different approaches; which do you like better?


Maman Pélissié said...

Love #2.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love both of them. You did such an awesome job putting them together, Amber. And Dustin's studio shots were perfect.
:) I can't wait to show them off to everyone!
- Taylor

Kayleigh said...

#2 all the way!

genevievepelissie said...

Depends on the purpose, I think. Does she want to be defined as a hot chic or as a beautiful, accomplished musician? I personally think they are both cool, but I love the #2.