Tara + Scott

What a day! Gorgeous fall colors painted the trees, and beautiful weather visited Salt Lake City for Tara and Scott's wedding. I had a great time attending the wedding and hanging out with Dustin Izatt. He's a way cool photog, I highly recommend him.

They came beforehand to choreograph a little fun walk as newlyweds. Cute.

My moment of glory. 
Come, little chicks.... mary poppins in the flesh.

Laughter and tears of special moments at the luncheon.

Me amusing myself before the reception.

Dustin let me borrow his tilt-shift. Way fun. Here's Tavis taking a reading.
More tilt action...
And the beautiful voice of Tara herself. What an amazing woman. And a lucky guy.

Haven't seen enough? Want to see cooler photos than these? Check out their engagement session and groomals with Dustin Izatt. Amazing.


genevievepelissie said...

Those are some great shots - what a gorgeous bride she is! I love the jumping one. Tara is so stunning. Wow.

Tara said...

Wow, Amber, you are so good. Thank you for taking these beautiful photos. It really made the day to have you there, thank you for flying out! Hope to see you soon!