So although I've enjoyed posting lately, i've been appalled how the photos look on blogger. They look a whole lot duller than when i've been editing them. And i finally did some research, and figured it out.

I shoot in RGB profile, and when i save the file, i have the "Embed Color Profile" checked. But blogger dumps the embedded profile, and leaves you with a dull, compressed image on your post.

So the way to get around this is to Convert to sRGB profile at the end right before you save it. Then you get an image closer to what you were working on in RGB. There may be others, but this is the first thing i found that works. So let me know if you find out anything else that's better!

If you shoot in sRGB to begin with, maybe you don't have this problem to begin with. But the guys over at the ensign said to always shoot RGB since it's a bigger color space. And it's suited me fine so far.

Check out an example below:

Converted to sRGB before saving

Left as RGB embedded profile.

And it's the same exact photo, that's what kills me! So now you all can have prettier looking blogs. You're welcome. ;)