Kayleigh & Robbie

I woke up this morning to rain, and I thought, that's ironic. Of all the days, 8.8.08 the most brides getting married, and it rains. But by the time we arrived in Salt Lake there were beautiful blue skies with just a bit of cloud cover. Loved it. And i loved having Tara assist me ( check out her picture at the end).

I loved that this couple were so comfortable with each other. It was a pleasure shooting them.

And this is the lovely Tara herself. We got ice cream before the shoot and it was just way fun to chat. I wish i could take her to Oklahoma with me! I'm gonna miss her.

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Tara said...

Your pictures look great, Amber. You are my idol. It was fun to get to spend a whole afternoon with you. We need to talk:) Love you!