Dressed for Success

These shots are from a recent engagement shoot that never got posted. This couple had clean-cut outfits that i just loved. Great looking groom, and gorgeous bride. We can't wait to shoot your wedding, guys!

So, question for all you photogs (and non-photogs) out there...

What's your opinion: Warm or Cool? The piggy-back shot (third down) is a cooler (blueish) temperature, while the one after it is a little warmer (yellowish).

What do you like better?


Kagahn said...
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Kara said...

I like the warmer colors better. It looks more natural. But I'm no photographer...:D
I think this couple is so adorable! They are both very photogenic! I love the shot from the knees down, and the one above it. Very very cute!!

Maman Pélissié said...