Triple the fun!

I love photographing kids--I get paid to play. This was a fun group and very cooperative, even though it was cold and windy.

It's not often that I feel the need to comment on my own pictures. But I love the ones above because they have so much personality! They grab your attention in a fun way. I love her looking off in the distance, I love her hiding her face, and I love that she looks like she's just about to playfully run away.

I love these photos just cause they're so silly. That's the kind of face I would make in front of the camera.

I love these because they're so dramatic. She looks so pensive as she's holding her little dog, and the wind blowing against her is a nice effect.

Need I say more? How cute. Amber did say that she likes the photo because of the pattern of the bench augmenting the little girl. Of course I pretending I chose that bench for that very reason :)

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Fife Photography said...

This blog looking very lonely. Good job guys! (Yeah, I was the kind of person who signed my own yearbook in High School).