The power of a point and shoot

So today someone was looking at some of my pictures as I was pulling out my huge SLR. They noticed my camera, looked at the pictures then commented, "Yeah, I figured those pictures had to have been shot with something like that."
I was deeply offended...ok, not really. But it did make me say to myself, "Could I do all that with a point and shoot?"
So today, for Easter dinner, I spent some time with my old friend, the 4.0 megapixel Canon Powershot A250. Amber got this for me for Christmas when we were dating. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! All these photos were shot in Manual with natural light and no crazy photo-shopping post-production. Looks pretty good eh?

Ok, so this next one I cheated on. Amber was sitting next to the window and the shadows were a little too harsh, so I had her hold up an open magazine to get some light reflecting off of the white pages.

Not bad for a $50 camera! So, the moral of the story...whatever camera equipment you have is enough! We tend to think that good pictures depend on good equipment. That's not true. Ansel Adams, perhaps the greatest photog of all time, used equipment that you would find in your grandpa's attic; but his equipment was "good enough" because Ansel Adams was good enough. (officially stepping off of my soapbox now).

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Lani said...

All we have is our Canon PowerShot A700, and I've been impressed to find that I can take great photos if I just get the right light and the right angle. I'll be forever grateful for the tip you guys gave awhile back to turn off the flash! It has made all the difference!! You guys have definitely inspired me. I take much better photos now than I ever did before Fife Photography came around! You're my heroes!