Happy Anniversary!!!

So, mine and Amber's anniversary is coming up, so I thought I'd make a slideshow for her. Let me give a little background on the song. Years ago when I proposed, I wrote a song for her. My brother played the guitar and I try not to offend the neighborhood cats with my voice.
For our first anniversary, I asked a good friend of ours, April Meservy, if she would help be get it professionally recorded. She is a professional vocal artist herself, and is very talented. (visit her website, her music is fabulous). So, she hooked me up with an amazing recording studio guy by the name of Dave at Noisebox studio. After many so-called "study sessions" that took me away in the evenings, we secretly got it finished...just in time for our anniversary.

We hope you all enjoy it!


Maman Pélissié said...

Really cool! Good job Dustin!

Lani said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! That was great!

Kara said...

Gosh, you guys are so cute! I love it! Congratulations on your anniversary!!

genevievepelissie said...

Happy Anniversary! That was thoughtful, Dustin. Good job.