Blue Skies, Gray Skies

I recently realized how much of a photonerd I am. Amber and I were driving down freedom blvd and there were some sweet cloud formations off to the South. In my mind I started planning how I would set up the shot: I would have the bride and groom sitting on a bench in the middle of this busy 4 lane highway, a strobe on each side of the couple to make sure they were well lit, a high aperture to capture the detail of the clouds, and some thorough post-production work. Of course I didn't want to let Amber know how nerdy photography thoughts had occupied my mind for the last two minutes, so instead I said, "Beautiful clouds eh?" To which she replied, "It would be so cool if we could have a couple sitting on the bench in the middle of traffic with those dramatic clouds behind them." My response..."you're such a photonerd." (he he). Ok, so half of that story was a lie. Oh well. We never did get a couple in the intersection, but we did compromise. Thanks Check it out!

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